Adventure Series: Locale 2 - Land Between the Lakes

GPS Coordinates: 36.5441675, -88.0293559
Date Visited: February 23-27, 2022
Wood Species: Cherry

Me and my two closest friends - one of which lives in North Carolina - meet up once or twice a year for a weekend camp out. This year was an epic trip to Land Between the Lakes on the Tennessee - Kentucky border for four days of off-roading, hiking and camping.

We dealt with flash flooding, freezing temps, leaky air mattresses, faulty bourbon corks and other disasters. We hit some pretty epic trails through the woods, hiked to an abandoned house known as Hotel California, spotted some elk and bison,  drove down an beautiful creek bed and camped in a couple of the most amazing spots in the park. We basically lived out our own Top Gear Special - it was one of the best experiences of my life.

At one of our campsites, right off the bank of the lake, we found an old cherry stump. I cut off a chunk, took it home and let it air dry for a few weeks before I cut it up, oven dried it, Stabilized it and turned it into five stunning brushes.

Sunset over Kentucky Lake

Sunset at the campsite where I found the cherry stump.

Gallery of Brushes