Adventure Series Locale 4: Ozark National Forest

GPS Coordinates: 35°36'44.6"N 93°22'14.5"W
Date Visited: May 25 - 26, 2023
Wood Species: Uncertain but heavily spalted

This was a fun one! John Williams of Grizzly Bay and I went to the woods to celebrate my birthday and to run a bit of the Ozark Overland Adventure Trail. This was our second attempt - the first attempt (back in January) failed a few miles in, when my truck wouldn't shift into 4WD due to busted hubs.

This time, we were able to get ourselves into some real trouble. While crossing a river, I got high-centered on a big rock under the water. It wasn't a huge deal, but it did put a big dent in the crossmember of my BRAND NEW lift kit.

We had lunch and drinks on top of a mountain, stopped for another beer at Haw Creek Falls, drove through Car Wash Falls, and met the world famous Bub at the Spurgeon-Warren Cabin, and drove past the 100 year old Union School House.

We ended the day driving down a treacherous stretch of FS1424 that made us rethink every decision that led us there. The trail joined up with a calmer stretch of 1424 on the bank of Murray Creek. I set up my tent IN the creek on a small out cropping of rock and cooked a pair of ribeyes and some roasted taters.

The next morning, I gathered the wood used in these brushes and we headed back to civilization. We had to stop at an automotive shop in Clarksville to replace a busted ball joint and re-align my truck.