Good Problems, V9, and the Bulldozer in my Backyard

Well, it happened again. Despite my best attempts to get V9 Fanchurian knot to the states before V8 sold out, I have failed. I tried to double my normal order for V8 to prevent this, but was unable to do so. Instead, I ordered V9 the week V8 arrived on my doorstep, hoping that they would arrive by the time I needed them. The knots sold too dang fast... that's a good problem.

The issue is one of logistics, and regulation in a post-COVID world. The badger hair supply is TIGHT, because the Chinese government is strictly limiting the buying and selling of animal products. My suppliers can't get enough hair to put together an order of 250 - 300 knots, so I'm forced to do these small batches.

That said, V9 will be inspected and boxed up while I sleep tonight and should arrive this weekend. The recipe for V9 remains unchanged. It'll be a 26mm fan-shaped knot with a height of 68mm. It'll be packed to the gills with high quality badger hair, and will offer the perfect balance of softness and backbone that you've come to expect from the Fanchurian. There will, as always, be differences that set this batch apart from its predecessors - that's the way it goes with natural fibers. V8, for example, was gellier than V7 - a fact that bothered a few customers and delighted others (another good problem).

BulldozerNow, about that bulldozer: It's happening! Chisel & Hound is getting a real, dedicated shop! Some time in January, I should be moving out of my garage and into a 40' x 30' insulated metal building. I have plans to add an office, a bathroom and a clean room for pouring resin and casting hybrids. There's a new HEPA dust collector on the way as well. Since I'll be starting from scratch in a dedicated space, I'll be able to run the appropriate wiring instead of having extension cords and power strips all over the place. I'll even be able to rewire most of my larger tools to operate on 220v - that'll provide more torque, while being more energy efficient.

I will be posting updates about the shop as it takes shape, but for now, I'll leave you with a picture of the world's most adorable heavy equipment operator.

Cash at the controls of a bulldozer
Good Problems, V9, and the Bulldozer in my Backyard