What in the heck happened to ThatDarnRob?

Well, after a whole lot of hard work building the TDR brand, I have abandoned it. Have I completely lost my mind? Maybe.

I have regretted calling my business ThatDarnRob for a long time. It all started as a joke, seven years ago,when ThatDarnRob was a freelance web design operation. I wanted something funny that could diffuse tech support situations.

When I needed a name for my wood turning business, I figured the one I had was good enough... It was unique and the bearded, bespectacled, logo stood out in the crowded marketplace. Four years later, that business has grown far beyond my wildest dreams and the jokey name just doesn't seem to fit anymore.

I hope that the Chisel & Hound moniker is a more appropriate reflection of the upscale, high quality products that I make. I'm excited about the opportunities and aesthetics that this new brand will afford me.

Why Chisel & Hound?
A sharp chisel makes better my work, and an old dog, my leisure.

What in the heck happened to ThatDarnRob?